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Bankruptcy... are you considering it? Remember… Don’t continue to lose sleep over Money Worries; it can only help to ask a Bankruptcy attorney.

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magic949 Tampa Bay’s Magic 94.9 has helped bring our message directly to our local market. Hopefully you have heard some of our radio commercials and they have not only provide you with our information but with some valuable advice as well. We are pleased to include our radio ads so as to either facilitate reviewing a previously heard ad or facilitate hearing other ads in our campaign.

Reviewing our radio ads is now quicker and simpler than ever before; please feel free to click each of the topics below to read one or more of our below listed ads, each includes valuable advice about different common problems regularly seen by our office.

  • Cash advance
    Cash advance top

    A cash advance from one credit card in order to pay another seems like a good idea, but comes at a high price. We all know that interest charged for cash advances is higher. What is not so apparent is that your rights are adversely affected, the moment you make the cash advance. Even if the two accounts are with the same creditor, this transaction may fall into the category of fraudulent transfers. What started out as a good idea, may end up seriously affecting your rights. Please protect your rights, more than your credit rating.

  • Documentation before payment
    Documentation before payment top

    Many people get into more trouble, just by trying their best to address Money Worries. Should you fall behind on your mortgage, but subsequently have enough money to bring your account current, ask your lender to provide an email or facsimile detailing how much is needed, and by what date. This will protect you in the event the lender transfers your account to its legal department in order to begin collection and foreclosure proceedings, prior to processing your payment. Please do not rush your payment without this documentation.

  • Foreclosure process
    Foreclosure process top

    Even though we all know that foreclosures are on the rise, many do not understand what the process entails. Should you fall behind on your mortgage, a court proceeding must be allowed to run its course before someone else takes control of your home. This may take a few months and assures that there are no surprises to either the owner or the lender. This extra time may be used to renegotiate, refinance, sell, or even defend your position. Please use the time afforded by the legal system, to plan your alternatives carefully.

  • Overtime or second job
    Overtime or second job top

    Whether as a consequence of growing needs or as a convenient source of additional income, overtime hours or a second job may help temporarily alleviate Money Worries. Problems come when the temporary leg up is insufficient to permanently resolve any problems. Sadly, your good faith extra work may commit you to a higher earning scale. Please make sure that any additional hard earned income is reasonable and sustainable, before you are unknowingly expected to keep it up.

  • Prioritize what needs to be paid
    Prioritize what needs to be paid top

    When it is difficult to provide for your basic necessities, in addition to meeting your monthly obligations, one must prioritize what needs to be paid. We recommend that you apply the following priorities prior to making your next payments: first basic groceries, second your home, third an automobile, fourth medical expenses, and lastly, an affordable payment associated with any other debts. Please do not let any creditor convince you that paying them is a higher priority.

  • Store’s credit offer
    Store’s credit offer top

    With money in short supply, credit to capacity, and no end to ongoing needs, it is tempting to accept a store’s offer of easily available credit. A store’s credit offer is usually tied to higher fees, higher interest rates, and a skillfully crafted tracking system. The legal department at most stores can easily access logs which may even include serial numbers to items purchased. Everyday purchases are hard to remember, making it easy to misinterpret your intentions. Please do not let a past purchase, which you may have even forgotten about, ever be used against you.

  • Money worries
    Money worries top

    These are tough times and many are having financial difficulties. In fact, it is statistically probable that you, a friend, co-worker, or even a family member is privately suffering Money Worries. There is a remedy for each situation; the challenge is simply knowing what to do and when to do it. Protect yourself by allowing a Bankruptcy attorney to personally analyze your individual situation. Please do not let your Money Worries force you into a bad deal, destroy a relationship, or adversely affect your personal life.

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