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The mission of the Law Offices of Victor A Martinez Esq is to help responsible individuals in their time of dire financial need by harnessing the rights afforded them by the US Bankruptcy laws, as our Congress may from time to time amended.

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We shall dedicate the time needed to thoroughly explain the pros and cons of the options available to each client. Whenever more than one option is available to a client, we shall advise seeking Federal Bankruptcy Protection under the chapter that is not only least expensive but also least intrusive to their individual lives. It shall be our duty to not only help our clients through Bankruptcy, but also advise on how to begin reestablishing their creditworthiness as quickly as possible after Bankruptcy.

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We shall try to understand the circumstances faced by each client and handle their financial distress with honesty, respect, dignity, and compassion. We shall remember that our clients are going through a difficult time in their lives, not by choice rather by necessity.

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