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Sensitive Information top

We will usually need a lot of information. Rest assured that we protect your sensitive information and documents better than our own because many clients trust us to do no less. As a result procedures are set in place, personnel is trained, and computers are programmed to make sure that we accomplish what is needed for you in secure a manner.

Due to the nature of our practice, we collect a large volume of sensitive personal information. This information usually includes documentation regarding your personal identification, and oftentimes also includes a large volume of financial records which include, tax returns, bank statements, creditor bills, and even credit reports.

Personnel top

Our office personnel have been trained to understand how to handle, work with, and protect your information and documentation. Further, a licensed or certified individual will always actively supervise any individual working on any file, regardless of its contents. As added measure to prevent intermingling of a file's contents with the contents of another file, no two files are worked on at any one time.

Third Party top

We will only share what we must and only as much as is necessary to accomplish what you ask. As a result it is sometimes necessary to convey some of your information and documentation to court personnel, trustee, and at times even opposing counsel. Information and documents shared is done on a limited case-by-case basis. At such times the documents at issue will be redacted so as to avoid revealing any non-essential identifying information. At no time will any of your information or documents be provided to a third party who is not otherwise actively working on your file in an official capacity.

Originals Returned top

Taking advantage of modern day imaging technology, which was not available when we first opened, and rigorous file organization procedures we are able to maintain digital images of all documents used in a file. Once we have imaged the documents we need we are able to return original documents back to the respective client. Our preference is to hand deliver all documents being returned so as to avoid having your documents misdelivered. When hand delivery is not possible or practicable we will securely package your documents and ship using the United States Postal Service or Federal Express. These procedures assure that there are no original documents in a file by the conclusion of any matter. No documents being stored allow the elimination of an unforeseen security risk in storage or later destruction of documents.

Referral top

Our goal is always to do the best we can so as to make sure each client is happy with our results. We know each client is happy when we have done when a client refers a friend or family member to our office. In such cases it is imperative that you understand that we will not share any of your information with another individual or company without your direct request.

Computer Technology top

Our office tries to take advantage of advanced electronics and computer technologies. All computer data and data digital copies or images are maintained on a designated secure data server. All computers used to access your personal information, documents, and images are at secure locations and access is password protected. Data backups of the data server are performed twice daily. Backups are encrypted upon creation to prevent unauthorized retrieval and subject to long term storage. After the conclusion of any matter, when the file no longer is in an active status, all computer data associated with a file is archived to another similarly secured server hard drive so as to minimize the likelihood and consequence of any unforeseen data breach.

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