Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Questions About Bankruptcy
    How much does a bankruptcy cost?

    Answer: Every case is different and sometimes similar cases are handled differently. Our fee varies from case to case because it is dependent on the time needed to address the issues you face. We offer a free confidential consultation wherein you may discuss your situation with our bankruptcy attorney, with no strings attached. During the consultation, our attorney will provide you with recommendations as well as the applicable fees and costs.

    What do I need to bring to the consultation?

    Answer: The only thing you will need for your initial consultation is a list of your debts. On your list please detail who you owe and approximately how much you owe each. Before your meeting we will ask you to fill out an information sheet and a financial summary. As your case progresses, we will request and collect more specific information. Directions to our office and additional information are available at our website,

    I have a bankruptcy question that is not listed here.

    Answer: Content is updated from time to time, as more questions are answered weekly. Please contact us with any questions not answered on this page. Thank you.

  2. Questions About Us
    Where is your office?

    Answer: Our office is located in downtown Tampa at Fifth Third Bank Center, 201 E Kennedy Blvd Ste 950, Tampa FL 33602-5826. We highly recommend that you park at the county lot located one block east of our office. If you park at a street meter please pay for the maximum of two hours. Either way, parking is $1.50 per hour. The meters accept coins and debit or credit cards.

  3. Questions About Your Case
    Where do I go for my 341(a) Meeting of Creditors?

    Answer: Your first appearance after having filed your case will be at a Meeting of Creditors before a Trustee assigned to your case. In Tampa this meeting will be at Timberlake Annex, 501 E Polk St, Tampa FL 33602-3949. All meetings are held on the first floor in one of three rooms. The room assigned to you will be listed on the notice sent to you by the court, shortly after your case was filed.

    Directions: Our office is only six (6) blocks from the Meeting of Creditors. Park as you normally would for a meeting at our office. Simply walk east two (2) blocks to N Marion St (you may see signs for HART Transit Parkway), walk north four (4) blocks to E Polk St (you may see the Railroad), that's it - you have arrived. The entrance is on E Polk St, go through security and the bankruptcy meetings are down the hall to your left.

    Where do I go for Court?

    Answer: If this is the first appearance since your case was filed, you will be going to a Meeting of Creditors held by the Trustee assigned to your case. If you are going to court, it will be at Sam M Gibbons US Courthouse, 801 N Florida Ave, Tampa FL 33602-3860. The actual courtroom will depend of which Judge is assigned to your case. Please make sure that your car is okay for at least two hours and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your hearing time.

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