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Introducing, get your finances back from Red to Black.

About Us top

Our Attorney
Information about our Attorney, Victor A Martinez Esq.

Our Office
Sharing the history of our office with our visitors.

Our Practice
Describing our practice and practice areas with our visitors.

Our Staff
Information about our Staff and paralegal, Mary B Martinez CLA, who make it possible to do what we do as well as we do it.

Contact Us top

Contact Us
Our contact information including telephone number and address.

Maps and directions to help you find our office.

Available parking options in and around our office.

Easy online payment portal.

Information top

Links to valuable Bankruptcy information resources of on the web.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Bankruptcy.

Photos top

Photo Gallery
Sharing a few pictures of the some of the beautiful sites in and around the Tampa Bay region.

Why Us top

Sharing some of our affiliations with our visitors.

Sharing our radio commercials, on Tampa's Magic FM 94.9, with our visitors.

Fees and Costs
Information about our fees and easy payment options.

Mission Statement
Sharing our Mission Statement with our visitors.

Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy detailing how we protect your sensitive information and documents.

Coverage and Employment top

Coverage Attorney
Our help with Coverage provided to other attorneys for 341 Meeting of Creditors or Court Hearing.

Positions (if any) available within our firm.

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